Premium Wrist Wraps

RC Fitness Wear wrist wraps

  • Prevent wrist injury during strength training.
  • Longer and Wider Hook and Loop closure system for firm.
  • Elastic thumb loop gives extended support to wrist.
  • Ideal for heavy weight lifting, body building, strength training, dead lifts, Power lift and squats
  • Made with high quality material than a normal cotton wraps to provide stronger wrist support
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Great value for money
  • Washable
   Product Features:
  • RC Fitness Wear wrist wraps are prepared with Elasticated blended cotton. This material keep the right compression, proper heat maintenance as well as perfect level of blood flow. Elasticated blended cotton provide best strength and a comforting warm feelings while reducing tenderness.
  • RC Fitness Wear wrist braces are perfect for injury prevention.
  • The material is manufactured to last longer for your use.
  • RC Fitness Wear wrist bands are assisted with flexible thumb loop that perfectly fits in your thumb while usage and provide best results while power lifting, heavy lifting like dead-lifts without having a fear of weak hold. High quality thumb loop keep firmness and compact hold.
  • Our wrist supports are totally adjustable and easy to put on and take off by using hook-and-loop straps.
    It encourages you to fully focus on exercise and fitness instead of disturbance with your wrists during your workout times. Flawless hook & loop closure assist your wrists to maintain your form.
  • We look for your comfort and easiness with our best designed wrist braces.
  • RC Fitness Wear always looking for best quality products and our Professional Customer Service guarantees your satisfaction.


  • Premium
  • Heavy Duty
  • Super Heavy
  • Double Super Heavy


  • 12″ * 3″
  • 14″ * 3″
  • 16″ * 3″
  • 18″ * 3″
  • 20″ * 3″
  • 24″ * 3″
  • 36″ * 3″
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RC Fitness Wear Manufacturer of customized Products. All of our Products can be personalized with custom Logo, graphics design, or name. You can customize your weightlifting gear with a huge range of materials and colors! We like options – around 100 of them,  We know that looking good and performing great go hand in hand. Making your own design products means that you will have one of a kind, RC Fitness wear to help you get to the top in ultimate style and comfort.

  • MOQ: 100 Pairs
  • Custom logo : Offered
  • Size : Customized
  • Packing : Customized
  • Payment Terms : XOOM ( PayPal Service ), L/C, T/T, Western Union and Money Gram.
  • Sample : Offered


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