Nylon Lifting Straps

100% nylon RCF Lifting Straps you will fight for new personal records! An absolute must for every armory!

If your back cries out for more weight, but your hands can’t hold enough grip, RCF will give you the worlds and barbell bars you need!

Black 100% nylon lifting straps with the rune lettering RC Fitness Wear.

Material: 100% nylon.
Length: Overall 68-70 cm (suitable for Apollon’s Axle).
Triple stitching on the loop for an even firmer hold

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RC Fitness Wear Manufacturer of customized Products. All of our Products can be personalized with custom Logo, graphics design, or name. You can customize your weightlifting gear with a huge range of materials and colors! We like options – around 100 of them,  We know that looking good and performing great go hand in hand. Making your own design products means that you will have one of a kind, RC Fitness wear to help you get to the top in ultimate style and comfort.

  • MOQ: 100 Pairs
  • Custom logo : Offered
  • Size : Customized
  • Packing : Customized
  • Payment Terms : XOOM ( PayPal Service ), L/C, T/T, Western Union and Money Gram.
  • Sample : Offered


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