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1.       Boxing Gear

In beginning of this glorious briefing we are starting from the very demanding and our First category that is Boxing Gear. Boxing Gear is mix up of all accessories of boxing and what you want to buy you can get here. Boxing has been a popular choice of those people who love to tone their body and want to o heavy workout.  The purpose of each product is to protect yourself. If you use proper equipments during boxing so you have better chances to protect yourself.

 Have a look on Boxing  Products



1)      Apparel

2)      Boxing Gloves

3)      Coaching Equipments

4)      Hand Wraps

5)      MMA Gear

6)      Protective

7)      Punching Bags

8)      Shoes 



2.       Fitness Wear


Now we are moving to our Fourth and Last category. Now it’s the time for develop yourself. Everyone loves to be healthy and looks fit. This is the wish of human beings from the 1st era and still we are love to having this. The main reason of this desire is “Human attract towards Beauty”. Beauty comes after healthy and fit body. If you have a fit body then you will be a natural beauty.


For this particular purpose people join different types of gym. They interesting in having some products that helps them in exercise to keep fit their body. If someone have no time for gym then he purchase few products and workout in home. The reason behind FITNESS WEAR products is clear now. People purchase the particular category’s product for their own need of fitness or as you can say for their healthy body.


In This Glorious Category That is actually favorite category of all human beings as they believe to fit their selves, We have much more products then your expectations.


Have a Look….

1)      Men apparel

2)      Women apparel

3)      Yoga apparel


4)      Varsity jakets


3.       Martial Arts

Martial arts cover a broad range of activities that involve fighting techniques, physical exercises, and methods of mental discipline, among other skills. Martial arts originated in the ancient cultures of Asia, and are used today around the world for self-defense, exercise , health, spiritual growth, law enforcement, and athletic competition.



So Here We Go….

1)      Belts

2)      Gloves

3)      MA Uniforms

4)      Protective

5)      Shoes 



4.       Weightlifting Accessories


The second category of our Brand is about Weightlifting Accessories. In this particular category we have lots of verity for you. You can order customized product details. We prefer customer’s demand and start production according to customer’s need. Every Client wants best product and want to manufacturer product with their own logo. We know your need, according to our customers we are here for providing services. Particular Category include lots of products by name that are shown here by name on one by one.


So Here We Go….

1)      Grips

2)      Knee Sleeves

3)      Leather Belts

4)      Lifting Gear

5)      Neoprene Belts

6)      Sleeves

7)      Sports


8)      Wrist Wraps



About Our Services


We are manufacturer of all kinds of Martial arts, Boxing equipment,

 weight lifting accessories & fitness wear. We offer competitive prices

 and excellent quality and high service standards; profiles of our

 customers include the famous brand names. We want to get mutual benefit

 business relationship with your good company. We hope you will respond

 in a positive way in this regard and give us the opportunity to be your

 partner strong business.


Terms and Condition about the product dealing


 Custom logo : Preferred

 Color : Customized

 Packing : Customized

 Sample : Offered

 Payment term : Advance

 Delivery by : DHL , FedEx , UPS , EMS , Gulf

 Payment accepted : Company account / Moneygram / Western union

 PayPal: Accepted only for samples